The Perfect Day-to-Night Outfit

When you have obligations on a day that won’t allow you to go home and change into something more suitable for night-time, planning an outfit can be tricky. Say for example you’re meeting a friend for lunch at 3 PM, but you need to be at a party by 6 PM and then drinks in town later that night. You can’t show up to the bars or clubs in your casual shorts and t-shirt that you’d wear for lunch with a friend, but you can’t exactly show up to a coffee shop in your best pair of stilettos and a skin tight dress along with your best discount designer handbags.

The middle ground isn’t that hard to find. A dress is always the foundation of a good outfit and a dress can so easily be dressed up or down that it’s a must-have for a look like this. You want the dress you choose to be above the knee, but not too much. Keep it loose and avoid any bandage type skirts. Sleeves are a plus since they will help to keep you warm later that day. Choose a dress in a dark or neutral color, maybe something black with an understated floral pattern. Pair this dress with a waist-belt to give a bit of shape to the look. Keep your makeup simple, either wear a bright lipstick or go for winged eyeliner, but don’t do both. If it’s a bit cold outside, you can wear the dress with a pair of tights or stockings. Alternatively, you can keep your legs bare. Either way, pairing the dress with a pair of block-heel leather ankle boots will help to give it just enough style to be suitable for a night out while remaining casual enough for lunch with a friend.

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