Perks of USB-C

One of the more interesting things about cables and ports that we do not discuss is how there has rarely been an industry standard over the past few years that can work in almost every instance. Yes, there are ports that work great for smartphones and tablets, while others are very much suited to larger desktops and laptops. However, there was never an industry standard that we could all get behind. But we think that has changed with the advent of USB-C, which is going to take over the cable and port industry in a way that USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 could not do.

You can get more information here about how USB-C works and what it can offer. But what you need to know first is that it provides you with robust and seamless support for connections that are made with USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 wires. So, if you have a USB-C port, but your cable is USB 2.0 as that is what works with the second device or contraption, connections are not an issue. In addition, what you are getting is a speed that will go as high as 20 Gb/s. If you are confused about how impressive that is, take note that USB 3.1 would only get you 10 Gb/s. So, you are getting a massive increase.

Another reason why you are going to want to use USB-C over anything else is because the charging capabilities are far superior to what USB3.1 or any previous iteration offered. Thanks to the fact that you can get a seamless and stable 100 watts power connection, you are looking at very rapid charging times for devices. These reasons are why USB-C is starting to become the most sought after format when we talk about ports on devices and cables for connecting two devices to each other.

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